"Because Clean Means Clean"

Employees make the difference

We take great pride in finding and keeping the right employees so we work hard to make B & G a great place to work. 


Low Turnover

Our turnover rate is low, meaning there is no break-in period.  You’ll get the same highly trained and dependable professional for each cleaning service. 

Background Screening

Applicants are thoroughly screened with a reference and background-check prior to being hired.  Once hired, our technicians are specially trained to meet the highest quality standards for their job assignment. 



Regular inspections of their work ensure they do the job right every time and they understand the importance of a job well done.

Portland Oregon commercial cleaning & janitorial services company

B & G Industrial Services, Inc. is a commercial janitorial service company established in 2009 and currently serves Portland Oregon with plans to expand into other areas of the northwest.  



We’ve walked in your shoes

B & G Industrial, Inc. has many years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry and knows how tough it is to find a dependable cleaning company. For many years, we worked for large companies and were in charge of finding a cleaning company that hired trustworthy employees and did quality work.  It is this understanding that sets us apart from other janitorial companies.


Our Motto:

When we say Clean is Clean, we mean that the entire space will be done thoroughly. We don't ask for a list of items to clean.  We know from our experience that you need it all cleaned.

You have been the cleaning staff our office for almost 2 years. We have a large suite, with a unique configuration and varied floor surfaces. The daily as well as weekly tasks within our suite are vast, yet you have shown the utmost of care and thoroughness.

Your teams have been dependable and have performed their duties as if this was their own space. In addition, your staff is courteous and respectful. When we have asked or noted a special added task, you have graciously added that onto the day's list. We thank you for keeping our office tidy and clean!

Susie S., Professional Roof Consultants, Inc.