"Because Clean Means Clean"

Why B&G? We are your Portland Oregon commercial cleaning solution - we'll do the job right.

At B&G, our philosophy is pretty simple.  We focus on doing a great cleaning job and keeping our clients happy.  Does this sound like what you're looking for?

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Reliable Employees
  • Keep it simple

1. An Undying Passion

The same frustration you may be experiencing as you look for a new cleaning company resulted in the creation of B&G Industrial Services, Inc.


Our management team knows first hand the qualities you want in a cleaning company and work hard to provide a solution to your problem.


We provide our employees with flexible schedules, competitive wages and excellent training which = a motivated staff that cares about their work and the satisfaction of their clients.

2. Solid Integrity

There are many commercial cleaning companies out there and like most industries, there are companies that are good at what they do and others that are not.  The proof is in the cleaning-and we are so confident you'll be happy with the quality of our work, you'll want us back week after week-month after month.


We won't make you sign any long-term contracts because we know our employees will do the job right-every time.  Whether it's a retail store, office, or warehouse, you can count on us to make sure your facility is clean the first time. 

3. Great Employees

Our employees are our biggest asset.  They are a diverse group that comes from all walks of life-from grandmothers to college students to motorcycle enthusiasts to artists.


What do they all have in common?

They arrive on time, take great pride in their work, and make sure when they are done, that your facility is clean.



4. "Clean is Clean"

There's no need to supply us with a list of items that we promise to clean or scope of work.  We know it all needs to be cleaned so that's what we do.  No matter if it's a retail store or the restrooms in a warehouse, we clean the entire area from floor to ceiling. 

Plain and simple is how we run things. 


We make it easy on you, our customer, so you can concentrate on more important things-like running your business. 

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